My Life “Rebooted”

Dr Lilet Galban

I went on “reboot” at the age of 54 when I underwent “data migration” to Chicago. I figured it was too late for me to go back to dental school and hurdle four levels of dental licensure examinations. I wanted to preserve my remaining neurons. I decided to recall the things I wanted to do in my childhood and to tick them off one by one. First on my list was “dental assisting”. The office manager, however was not too happy with my leisurely swagger along the hallway. I next tried “medical scribing” ; but I was forever lost in the hospital’s medical records software. After a while, I was already loving my administrative assistant job in a construction company. Unfortunately, the company went bankrupt on my 11th month. Ooh! Then I thought I finally nailed it when I was being trained to be a personal stylist at Talbot’s; but my bunions grew and were getting painful big time!

That’s it! I thought. No more work for me! 

Then one day, the hubby gifted me with a MacBook. I decided to start writing an eJournal. At first, my entries were was just snippets on how my friendship started with the hubby. Eventually, these snippets morphed into short stories which finally got alchemized into a book – Love At Fifty! 

When my (first) book made it on Kindle Edition in Amazon, I was beyond ecstatic! I dedicate my book to those who are fifty and over, and to those dreaming of second chances.

It is never too late. 



by Angelita Aquino

“Lance and Lyka, both in their 50’s, get a second chance at marriage. How will the idea be accepted by her possessive and jealous mother? How will his four grieving children understand that their dad is able to ( move on ) and  enter into a loving relationship soon after their beloved mother’s death?

Without being preachy, Lyka  sporadically shares her funny conversations with God as she lets God lead her and Lance in their way to Love At Fifty.

This love story chronicles the events leading to their wedding – covering some 24 mon<br>ths – beginning from when they initially realized that there could be something for them despite the late age. Together they share their reflections on the circumstances and considerations of falling in love at 50 – and what makes this both the worst and best time to be in love.”


Dr Lilet Galban-Aquino ( UPCD Class of 1983 ) is currently residing in the US with her husband. She served as a faculty at the UP College of Dentistry Department of Community Dentistry from 2005-2012.

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